We are the game studio currently specialized in HTML5 games

RoboWhale is a company who has been working in the web-game industry since 2010 producing a number of extremely popular games. We started as the company that has been developing flash games. Some of our titles have been played more than 5M times! We have been working with world famous companies such as MTV Network, Yahoo Games, Lucas Arts and Cartoon Network.

Since 2014, we have decided to switch to HTML5 because we truly believe in the potential of HTML5 as the future of gaming on the web and mobile. It is exciting to see how games built using HTML5 can run on desktop browsers and mobile devices without additional apps and plugins!

And here we are – the team of skilled game developers producing high-quality HTML5 games. Our games are designed and optimized for mobile devices and modern desktop browsers. If you would like to license our games for your website, just let us know.