• MyMelody ABC Tracing - educational game by RoboWhale
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  • MyMelody ABC Tracing - Gameplay #3
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MyMelody ABC Tracing


Educational games are in high demand these days. And our team is here to fulfill this demand. Everyone wants their children to be smart, right? One way is don’t drink during the pregnancy and another one is to show your kid our brand new game – MyMelody ABC Tracing!

MyMelody ABC Tracing is the learning HTML5 game for kids. Teach your kids to draw and pronounce letters in a fun way with the help of My Melody!

The game is a part of mobile educational app Hello Kitty – Playhouse. Join Hello Kitty & Friends in their cute and colorful PlayHouse! Find the finest selection of educational and fun games of Hello Kitty targeted to preschoolers: coloring books, photo camera with cute gadgets, art app, play the piano, and lots of animated sticker albums to create infinite stories.


  • 5 game modes
  • Excellent performance. The game is optimized for mobile devices. It uses WebGL with Canvas fallback for old devices.
  • Fully responsive layout. The game fills all available screen space without distortion and black bars.
  • Fully localized (texts and voice-overs) to 5 languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.
  • Sound support for mobile devices. 

Game developed with awesome Phaser engine – phaser.io