Buy HTML5 games

Are you looking to license or buy premium HTML5 games for your entertainment portal? Take a look at our catalog of high-quality HTML5 games.

These games are ready for licensing, branding, distribution, and localization.

Our games work on all modern mobile devices and desktop browsers. They run on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows Phones, Tizen, Firefox OS, and more.

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 Custom development

RoboWhale provides custom game development services.

If you need to create an HTML5 game or convert an existing game to HTML5, then we are here to help. We can implement your game ideas or suggest ours.

We can also convert our games into native iOS and Android apps.

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Game reskins

Sometimes clients see a game, and they like the game mechanics. However, they would like to change the graphics so that the game will fit their brand or audience better.

This is where we come in. We are offering another service – game reskinning. Reskinning is a process where we do not have to create a game from scratch. We take a premade source code of a game and change its design completely, to give it a new look. There are two main advantages compared to custom development:

  • Lower price. Custom games require more time and effort because they need to be designed, programmed, and tested. For reskins, we usually rework just the artwork and sounds. Therefore, this translates into a lower cost compared to custom developed games.
  • Short development time. Most of our games can be reskinned within a week!

Please take a look at the examples of our game reskins:


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